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A selection of gorgeous evening gowns for a variety of occasions, from floor-sweeping elegance to sensual class. Each gown is designed with the Farah Naz ethos in mind: to empower and create a revolutionary look that settles in perfectly with all-night events. These luxury evening gowns are part of a wider selection of bespoke fashion from a team of dedicated and experienced designers.

Farah Naz gowns combine the best elements of the design of a globally-connected East and West, two cultures of incredible fashion meeting in symphony in our hand-crafted gowns. Our influence is wide-reaching and our team is distributed across the planet - our gowns are modern and crafted for the 21st century woman.

Each dress is crafted for you - hand-picked materials and decades worth of experience go into each and every piece, a unique representation of your style brought to life by a high-fashion gown of your choosing. As keen advocates of ‘clean’ fashion, Farah Naz presents fine Haute Couture Evening Gowns that are timeless and tasteful with environmentally-friendly materials and production process. 

Whether it be for weddings, charity events or parties, our gowns are crafted so that every element compliments your figure and your confidence. The superior quality and elegant design turns heads on the ballroom floor, that’s a proven guarantee. Hand-crafted and fine-tuned, these ready to wear gowns are available to order with timely delivery, right in time for an upcoming special event.

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